The team

Gabin Micoulot
The president is the legal responsible of the Junior-Enterprise. With the help of the office, he manages the association and all its units. His main mission is to ensure the good functioning of each of these units and more globally of the Junior-Enterprise.
Caroline Szantay
The Vice-President works hand in hand with the President. She develops the annual strategy and manages the partnerships. She also has to take care of the different performance indicators developed by the quality division and assist the other units of the Junior-Enterprise.
Secretary General
Quentin Girard
The secretary general is in charge of the associative management of the Junior-Enterprise. Member of the board, he participates in the management of the association and all its units. He takes care of administrative tasks, is responsible for keeping the registers and ensures the good functioning of the team.
Antony Feord
The Treasurer manages the financial functioning of the Junior-Enterprise. He is responsible for planning and monitoring the budget, managing the bank accounts, declaring the taxes of the Junior-Enterprise and checking the accounting of the Vice-Treasurer.
Léo Sarda-Esteve
The Vice-Treasurer is the assistant of the Junior-Enterprise Treasurer. His main mission is to manage the accounting in connection with the chartered accountant, to check the operations of the Treasurer and to assist him in the elaboration of the budget. He also takes care of the storage of the documents.
Commercial manager
Arthur Maury
The commercial manager defines the Junior's commercial strategy by specifying its offer based on the curriculum provided in the School and by identifying the different actors that could appeal to this offer. He also organises and carries out the prospection with the whole department.
Head of project managers
Clément Mulet
The head of project managers heads the business unit and is responsible for organising business development and managing student-client relations. He has an overview of the missions in progress and ensures that they run smoothly and that the members of his team are well coordinated.
Project Manager
Anthony Xia
Throughout a study, the project managers, working in pairs, are the intermediaries of reference between the Client and the student(s) carrying out the study. They follow the students throughout the study, from recruitment to completion.
Project Manager
Lucie Noblot
Before the start of a study, it is the responsibility of the project managers to find the most qualified students who best meet the Client's requirements. The CVs and cover letters of the students who responded to the study advertisement are used to select only the best candidates.
Project Manager
Mathieu Carriere
The project manager's job is also to maintain contact between the Junior and the companies. They are in constant contact with the heads of companies or technical departments to understand their needs and provide them with appropriate solutions.
Project Manager
Dhia Garbaya
The project managers transmit the students' questions, inform on the progress of the mission, propose and organise meetings with both parties for a first meeting or for a presentation of the deliverables.
Quality Manager
Hippolyte Giraud
The Quality Manager ensures that the services of the Junior Entreprise are working properly. By re-reading each document, he makes sure that they comply with the legal framework. He is also in charge of managing the different performance indicators that will help the Junior Entreprise to improve its services.
Director of Information Systems
Rafaël Dubois
The IT Director is in charge of the maintenance of the website and all the IT means used by the members of the Junior Entreprise and the stakeholders. He also assists the quality manager in the review of the study documents.
Director of Communications
Louis Maximin
The Director of Communications is responsible for managing the image of Ponts Etudes Projets. He oversees the implementation of communications on social media as well as internal communications within the École des Ponts.